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Isla Wrap Dress

The Isla Wrap Dress

The Isla is a wrap dress with no peek-a-boo bra issues because it crosses over in the back. I love it! The pattern is so simple to put together; there aren’t any really tricky bits. If you can sew a dart, you can make this dress.

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Pink Lyra Dress

Lyra Dress

I made this version of the Lyra Dress from the Tilly and the Buttons as a muslin. It originally had long sleeves, but after I chopped them off, I loved it enough to add it to my wardrobe. It just so happens to match my new boots, so I had a photo shoot today.

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Ultimate Shift Dress Front

Ultimate Shift Dress

The Ultimate Shift Dress is simple and easy to sew. My fabric choice seemingly featured at least one private body part, but I’m not complaining about it. I think it comes close to reaching my goal of finding the perfect pattern to create a vintage style-shift wardrobe.

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The Shift Dress

I thought shift dresses weren’t for me, but I’ve learned differently and want to make myself a million of them!

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Looking for something?

What am I doing?

This post is an introduction of sorts. It's a little info on my background, why I started Big Fat Fashion, and my goals for it.

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