What am I doing?

I am currently unemployed and looking for work. If you’ve ever experienced a long-term job search, you know it can be demoralizing and a real gut punch to your whole, you know, sense of self. Rather than constantly sitting and refreshing my email inbox, I decided to put my skills to use, chronicling the thing I already do in all of my spare time, researching and thinking about fashion!

If you haven’t tried clothes shopping as a fat person, boy, are you missing out! To be fair, no one body shares the same shape with another, so I believe clothes shopping is difficult no matter what. My shape is short and fat, and my rounder places don’t match the profile of most plus-sized options. This makes my “Ready To Wear” options almost non-existent.

In the past decade, I have developed the sewing skills and tools to be able to make my own clothes, but even that can be difficult. Not all sewing patterns are offered in my size range. Furthermore, for some reason, there are limited color options in material choices. Unless I want to custom print all of my fabric, I am bound by what is available to buy in stores.

All of the above really sucks because I like expressing myself through my style.

It takes a lot of time, consideration, and effort for me to craft my wardrobe of choice. So I’ve decided this will be where I chronicle my inspiration, my “makes,” and my thoughts about being fat and interested in fashion. Join me!


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